Christmas Office Party Game Shows You Won’t Believe

Christmas Office Parties Usually Suck

boring-christmas-office-partyOnce upon a time, I worked at a sizeable multimillion dollar car dealership. There were a multitude of reasons why it was not a great place to work, but the one relevant to this article was its lame Christmas office party. Don’t get me wrong, the ladies in the office who took it upon themselves to plan them did the best that they could under the circumstances. How much could be expected of them when they had to supplement half of the event cost through bi-weekly employee raffles? That’s right, we paid for our own Christmas party. The result was a party that took place in the late afternoon in the dealership showroom, and consisted of food and raffle giveaways. No music, no alcohol, no spouses, no change of scenery.

Why Have a Christmas Office Party?

Why would a company even offer a Christmas office party, or office parties of  any kind? What, we don’t see enough of these people every day? All parties exist for one purpose only, that is to bring people together. Christmas parties are no different. They are supposed to be a time of cheer and camaraderie, a time to unwind and remember that Jenny “The Pen Nazi” and Hank “The Bathroom Exploder” are human beings. Unfortunately, many of us just stand around awkwardly shoving cookies in our mouths in between raging on the other employees with the one or two people in the office with who we already speak regularly every day.

So what makes for a good Christmas office party? Is it the sum of the parts that I just listed? Not really, because, let’s face it, the real reason that many artificially created social events are so darn awkward is the fact that people who might not normally socialize outside of work are thrust together and forced to interact in a completely artificial environment. Plus, what are you going to talk about? Don’t most of us default to talking about our work at these kinds of events? It’s a cocktail for misery.

Game Shows

Enter, the game show. A professionally hosted game show, just like the ones that you watch on TV, can transform a mundane office party into an extraordinary. They provide entertainment and, if done right, are engaging on a number of levels.  Most importantly, they bring people together. A good company will tailor questions specifically for you and your group. Want questions about your boss thrown in? How about a themed game show that’s nothing but Harry Potter, or Star Wars questions?

We’ve found 5 game shows that we think can take your  Christmas office party to the next level.

Family and Feud

family feud game show for christmas office party
Family Feud is one of the longest running game shows in the world. With it’s unique format of asking contestants to anticipate how others have answered questions it gives an interesting insight into group think. Plus, let’s face it, contestant responses can be downright hilarious.  Fun and Feud is a variant offered by Fun and Game Show, a professional game show company with decades of entertainment experience and a full time host that, quite frankly, is the best that we’ve ever seen.

Your office party will be filled with smiles and laughter.


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

who wants to be a millionaire office party ChristmasEverybody wants to be a millionaire, which is why Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is in its 16th season. With Fun and Game Show’s Who’s Going To Be A Millionaire employees can use lifelines (or be lifelines) and work their way up the money ladder to win big. One of the benefits of using a company like Fun and Game Show is that they can easily modify the traditional game format to include team play, giving everyone a chance to come together and enjoy one another as a team.


Double Dare

family double dare office party ChristmasThis was one of my favorite game shows as a child. For those who don’t remember, teams were asked trivia questions, and if they didn’t know the answer they had the option of daring their opponents or doing physical challenges.

The last event I was at where they did this game had people crying with laughter as they watched their friends and family members complete ridiculous challenges.



On The Spot

On The Spot is an original and fast paced multimedia trivia game show that accommodates large numbers of players. Teams face-off to answer rapid fire trivia questions and have the opportunity to put their opponents on the spot (hence the name) by forcing them to answer, effectively putting them on the spot. Get it? This was a huge hit with the students and faculty at West Virginia Northern Community College.


Smartphone Trivia

This game show accommodates whole groups all at once with both teams and individuals can compete at the same time. Unlike the other game shows in this article, this one uses players cell phones to respond to questions. Teams only need to designate one smartphone to install the free app.

This is a really cool game that uses multimedia and trivia questions to great effect. I won’t spoil it, but in the third round, your phone actually turns into a game show buzzer. I highly recommend it for any group.



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