Ride Off – Dueling Mechanical Bulls

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Two cowboys, or cowgirls, faceoff against each other to see which one will be the king, or queen, of the bull ring. This one is popular no matter the venue: bars, clubs, or graduation parties, everyone wants to be a cowboy. Our bulls are more than just a ride and more than just a game. We include a professional PA system and one of the funniest and most entertaining Emcee’s in the business. He’ll get even the most reluctant guest to participate and have your entire crowd in stitches.


More Than Just Mechanical Bulls

Dueling Mechanical Bulls bring the rodeo to any event. Let’s face it, there are very few professional bull riders out there and chances are that your guests, or patrons, aren’t one of them. That’s the weakness with single mechanical bulls. By making it a timed event, there’s no sense of drama or expectation, because everyone expects the rider to fail – themselves included. By having two bull riders complete simultaneously riders and audience get to cheer for a more realistic outcome – that their friend, or teammate, beats the other rider. Now a two or three second ride can mean that you are champion bull rider.

We’ve taken our mechanical bulls to every kind of event. The’ve been the featured entertainment at wedding receptions and county fairs. They’ve been very successful at bars and taverns across Ohio and West Virginia. Recently, we became certified to take them to Pennsylvania. High school after proms have been another popular venue, as have been graduation, Christmas, and New Years parties.

Our Dueling Mechanical Bulls are only one of the unique interactive experiences that we offer to make your event shine. Be sure to check out our professional live game shows. They make unparalleled team building experiences, and are a great addition to any training program. More than that, they’re just plain fun.

Additional information


35 x 16 x 9 (clearance) ft.

Max Weight

300 lbs.

Min Height

52 in.

Power Requirements

With P.A.: 4 dedicated 110 volt 20 amp circuits.
Without P.A.: 3 dedicated 110 volt 20 amp circuits.

Generators available.

1 review for Ride Off – Dueling Mechanical Bulls

  1. Xander Barclay

    Yee Haw! I thought that I was just renting neat looking mechanical bulls. I didn’t realize that I was getting a whole show. They add music and an MC, and make the whole event an experience. Thank you Kurt James Fun and Games!

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