Halloween Party: What You Can Do To Set Yours Apart And Make A Lasting Impression


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Halloween Party Pressure

There’s a lot of pressure to throw a good party, but that pressure is quadrupled when it is a holiday party. Halloween is quickly approaching and many of you who are considering throwing a bash may not know what to do to differentiate  yours from the thousands of others that will undoubtedly be thrown on the day in question. So what should you do?

Party Basics

As with most things it is best to start at the beginning. First, let’s determine who will comprise the bulk of your guests. Is it going to be a child’s party? Will it be adults only? Maybe you plan on having a mix of children and adults. In that case do you want something to distract the little ones so that the grown ups can enjoy the “real” party, or will it be a fully integrated event?

It’s been my experience that adult only parties don’t require much in the form of entertainment.  Food, music, and lots of alcohol tend to be sufficient if adequate is your goal. If, instead, you want to throw a party that brings more folk back next year the first step is to go top shelf, or as close as you can afford, with the three basics that I just mentioned.

Party Music

Music is the soul of a party. Anyone can plug an iPod into some speakers and hit play on Pandora. On the other hand a good DJ will interact with the crowd and get them involved. How many events have you been to where there’s great music playing and the dance floor had tumbleweeds rolling across it?

A quality DJ can make the difference. I say hire a DJ instead of a live band for several reasons. First, a DJ can cost a fraction of what a band will set you back. While that shouldn’t necessarily stop you. This is a top shelf party about which we are speaking after all. However, a really good DJ can do more than a band. A band tends to consume the party and it really becomes about them. Whereas a good DJ facilitates interpersonal interaction. It’s a different vibe and, in my opinion, a superior one for a party.


As an alternative to a DJ, you may want to add karaoke to your party. Now, I know what you are thinking, and you’re right. Bad karaoke can be torturous and nothing makes for bad karaoke like people who have had too much to drink.

No worries though, because I have three suggestions that can make your karaoke party awesome instead of awful. The first suggestion is to hire a professional to run it. He, or she can manage and maintain a flow while helping to get people started before they are too deep in their cups. Also, a professional karaoke DJ will most likely have a wider selection of songs from which to pick. Next, limit the run time of the karaoke. Start it after the spirits have begun to flow but before your aunt ends up on the table singing “I Kissed A Girl” and swinging her bra. Finally, if you go the professional route, see if you can’t find someone who has a Super Karaoke that corrects pitch and makes everyone sound better. This can help lower everyone’s inhibitions earlier in the evening which equals more time having fun and less awkward silence.

Party Food

Food is an incredibly important component of a high quality party. It is also arguably the most personal. For this, more than any other thing about party, know your audience. To quote Brother John Lydgate,”You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” With nothing is this more true than when it comes to the party’s repast. Undoubtedly, it will be your hope to please all of your guests. The trick is having a wide variety of treats. If you have it within your budget, outsource outsource outsource. If it’s not possible for you to higher a caterer, think highly targeted treats. Go ahead and order pizza or a giant sandwich, and instead wow your guest with the sugary offerings. The inverse is also a viable option, but take my advice and only pick one. You’ll have enough on your plate and don’t want to overwhelm yourself.


Entertainment is the next item on our list. You’ve taken care of the music and you’ve added pitch correcting karaoke, but that won’t sustain most parties throughout the evening, especially if there are children in attendance. More than that, the right entertainment will do more to set your party apart than any other component. Different and engaging are the words upon which you should base your entertainment search and decision. Rides and games can be a big hit, but anyone can rent them. Instead consider something that can be more of a show, like mechanical bulls. The right company can provide bulls and a professional MC and transform a ride into an event. Dueling Mechanical Bulls add an extra dimension to differentiate your soiree drastically.

Out Of The Box Party Entertainment

Something else that’s a little more out of the box is a Game Show. A professional game show rented for your event will make it the talk of the town all year. There are party rental companies out there that have professional game show equipment with game show hosts and everything. They can turn bobbing for apples into Minute To Win It, or they can use questions that you provide and have a custom made trivia game specifically for you and your guests. The possibilities are endless.

Location Location Location

Penultimately, we come to location. I saved this until nearly last because all the other aspects mentioned will dictate the size of the venue that you need. If you rent a bounce house, or rent an obstacle course, you’ll need quite a bit of room. If you rent a game show, space will be less of a factor. Choose the aforementioned and then select a location that can comfortably accommodate it all. Try to pick a place that keeps everyone together and has ample parking (preferably paved so your guests don’t have to step in mud).

Party Decorations

Finally, you must choose your decorations with care. Decorations are more about first impressions than anything. They set the mood and give your guests subliminal clues as to what will be expected of them for the evening. Do not chince out with these.

Anything Else

What did I miss? What else is needed to throw the Halloween Party Of A Lifetime? Sound off in the comments section below.


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