4 Person Gladiator Joust and Tug of War

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Get the biggest bang for your buck with this two-in-one inflated bounce house. It doubles as both a four person gladiator joust as well as a tug of war, giving you maximum flexibility while keeping your party budget exactly where you want it.


The gladiator joust was one of the earliest inflated competitions in The United States. What makes this fast paced bouncer more exciting than your run-of-the-mill gladiator joust is that it accommodates up to four contestants at once. It also doubles as a tug of war.

This goes great with our super popular game shows.

Additional information


24 x 23

Max Weight

200 lbs.

Min Height

36 in.

Power Requirements

1 dedicated 20amp circuit

1 review for 4 Person Gladiator Joust and Tug of War

  1. James Ford

    This thing is great. Not only does having four people fighting at once make this more exciting than other jousts that I’ve been on, but the fact that it can be either joust or tug of war at any given time meant that everybody used it that much more. If we got tired of one, we’d play the other. Great time?

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