Gyro Extreme

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The Gyro Xtreme lives up to its name. It is both gyroscopic and extreme. Up to two riders try to see if they can survive 60 seconds spinning and rotating in every direction at once. NASA used to use the same technology to train astronauts.


Ever wanted to be an astronaut? Now you can know what it feels like to train to be one.

Additional information

Min Height

52 in.

Max Height

76 in.

Max Weight

250 lbs

Power Requirements

1 dedicated 20amp circuit

1 review for Gyro Extreme

  1. Chelsea Smith

    I was blown away by this thing. When you go to local events like this, you just assume that it’s going to have the same old dingy and mildewy bounce houses, but not these guys. Not only was their equipment spotless, but they had different stuff like this Gyro thing. Wow! Looking at it, I was afraid that it would make me sick, but the operator took the time to explain to me the mechanics of the inner ear and how this thing should keep it pretty stable…which would mean that I shouldn’t get sick. He was right! How many other ride operators would know this kind of stuff, let alone take the time to tell you about it to help you feel better?

    The ride itself was great. My friends and I went on it again and again.

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