Smartphone Trivia – Live Game Show

Smartphone Trivia is a live hosted multimedia game show that everyone can play because it supports up to 32 teams of nearly any size. If you are looking for fun activities for team building, or a regular team builder, give this a try.

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A fun activity for team building? What a novel idea. Sure everyone is doing it, but most are ridiculously expensive and few work. Those that do, tend not to stick. Is this a great sales pitch, or what? Seriously, it’s the reason that we developed this game show. Truly, we took our cue from bar trivia games. There’s something that keeps millions of people across the world stopping into their favorite bar week after week to answer trivia questions. we don’t think it’s the $30 gift card. More likely, it’s the chance for glory and camaraderie.

We’ve channeled all of that into a game show that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs, and we’ve kept the price low enough to ensure that you can afford to utilize it to maximum effect.

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